Meta Options

You are currently reading the unstable version of the Colmena Manual, built against the tip of the development branch.

The following is a list of options that can be added to the meta attribute set.

For compatibility with NixOps, you may name it network instead of meta. However, you cannot specify both at the same time.


Whether to allow deployments without a node filter set.

If set to false, a node filter must be specified with --on when deploying.

It helps prevent accidental deployments to the entire cluster when tags are used (e.g., @production and @staging).

Type: boolean

Default: true


A short description for the configuration.

Type: string

Default: "A Colmena Hive"


Use the machines listed in this file when building this hive configuration.

If your Colmena host has nix configured to allow for remote builds (for nix-daemon, your user being included in trusted-users) you can set a machines file that will be passed to the underlying nix-store command during derivation realization as a builders option. For example, if you support multiple orginizations each with their own build machine(s) you can ensure that builds only take place on your local machine and/or the machines specified in this file.

See for the machine specification format.

This option is ignored when builds are initiated on the remote nodes themselves via deployment.buildOnTarget or --build-on-target. To still use the Nix distributed build functionality, configure the builders on the target nodes with nix.buildMachines.

Type: null or path

Default: null


The name of the configuration.

Type: string

Default: "hive"


The pinned Nixpkgs package set. Accepts one of the following:

  • A path to a Nixpkgs checkout
  • The Nixpkgs lambda (e.g., import <nixpkgs>)
  • An initialized Nixpkgs attribute set

This option must be specified when using Flakes.

Type: unspecified value

Default: null


Node-specific Nixpkgs pins.

Type: attribute set of unspecified value

Default: { }


Node-specific special args.

Type: attribute set of unspecified value

Default: { }


A set of special arguments to be passed to NixOS modules.

This will be merged into the specialArgs used to evaluate the NixOS configurations.

Type: attribute set of unspecified value

Default: { }