Colmena is a simple, stateless NixOS deployment tool modeled after NixOps and morph, written in Rust. It's a thin wrapper over Nix commands like nix-instantiate and nix-copy-closure, and supports parallel deployment.

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$ colmena apply --on @tag-a [INFO ] Enumerating nodes... [INFO ] Selected 7 out of 45 hosts. (...) ✅ 0s Build successful sigma 🕗 7s copying path '/nix/store/h6qpk8rwm3dh3zsl1wlj1jharzf8aw9f-unit-haigha-agent.service' to 'ssh://root@sigma.redacted'... theta ✅ 7s Activation successful gamma 🕘 8s Starting... alpha ✅ 1s Activation successful epsilon 🕗 7s copying path '/nix/store/fhh4rfixny8b21l6jqzk7nqwxva5k20h-nixos-system-epsilon-20.09pre-git' to 'ssh://root@epsilon.redacted'... beta 🕗 7s removing obsolete file /boot/kernels/z28ayg10kpnlrz0s2qrb9pzv82lc20s2-initrd-linux-5.4.89-initrd kappa ✅ 2s Activation successful

You are currently reading the unstable version of the Colmena Manual, built against the tip of the development branch. Features described here will eventually become a part of version 0.5.